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Dining In Calistoga and Napa Valley

Napa Valley is one of the most exciting culinary destinations in the world. Besides the plethora of charming wineries and wine bars, you'll find incredible farm-to-table restaurants in Napa Valley, as well as the Culinary Institute of America campus in St. Helena. Indulge your foodie spirit at local eateries by top chefs such as Cindy Pawlcyn and Thomas Keller that inspired the booming Napa Valley restaurant scene. After an exciting day of touring wineries and vineyards, experience creative California cuisine at Napa Valley's favorite restaurants, alive with local flavor and ambiance. Whether you crave casual pizza night, seasonal wine country fare or classic French cuisine, you will find many Napa Valley restaurants close by to begin your culinary adventure.

Dinner in Calistoga

Lunch & Dinner in Calistoga Hotel

Lunch & Dinner in Calistoga

  • Solbar
    Part of the Solage Resort. Trendy. Incredible outdoor lounge-type seating. Ideal for lunch or dinner when weather permits.
  • Pacifico Restaurant

    Unbeatable happy hour in both price and offering. 4:30PM to 6:30PM M-F.
  • Buster's BBQ
    Popular no frills roadside eatery serving best BBQ in the valley. The BBQ sauce is to die for. It's hot, so approach with caution.
  • Palisades Deli Café

    Delicious lunchtime spot offering hot and cold sandwiches, soups, Mexican dishes, and deli favorites such as quiches, crab cakes, and a variety of cold salads.

Breakfast & Brunch in Calistoga

  • Café Sarafornia
    This no-nonsense Calistoga small town café is a favorite with the locals, offering breakfast and brunch. Tends to fill up quickly, so be prepared to wait especially on summer weekend mornings.
  • Calistoga Roastery
    This fun and quirky coffee shop serves simple, quality foods until 3pm daily. You'll find it the complete opposite of a Starbuck . . . laid-back and brewing with soul.
  • Calistoga Kitchen
    Indregient driven, featuring local growers, purveyors, wines, wine makers, and an organic juice bar! Also open for Lunch & Dinner.
Calistoga Hotel Top Napa Valley Restaurants

Top Napa Valley Restaurants

  • Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant, St. Helena
    Culinary treat. Dazzling restaurant space offering a view of chefs at work from all angles.
  • Bouchon Bistro, Yountville
    More affordable French bistro food from the French Laundry's top chef Hubert Keller in a casual, social, and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Gott's Roadside Tray Gourmet
    More than a burger heaven, though the lines can be long. Hint: Check out their menu online, phone in your order, proceed directly to the pickup window.
  • Cook, St. Helena

    Cozy up to fabulous Italian food at this Napa Valley neighborhood secret. Reservations are a must, as is the gnocchi!
  • Tra Vigne Pizzeria, St. Helena
    Authentic & delicious neopolitan pizzas cooked in handmade brick oven. Easy on the budget, kid-friendly, and no corkage fee!
  • Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena
    Casual California cuisine served from the heart.
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